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Castrol Labcheck is a state-of-the-art used oil analysis program which helps you manage your fleet more effectively and efficiently. Through ongoing analysis of used oil samples, Castrol Labcheck allows you to pinpoint and solve equipment problems by providing a full range of information that can support your operations and maintenance decisions.

Key features:
Our carefully monitored used oil analysis program helps maintenance managers effectively:
  • Maximise component life
  • Pinpoint problems before failure occurs and reduce downtime and over-all
    operation costs
  • Plan maintenance schedules according to priority
  • Review trends in equipment
  • Establish guidelines for improvement
  • Optimise drain intervals
  • Make thorough and justified resale and purchasing decisions
  • Implement a Severity-Based Maintenance program
Unexpected downtime through engine, transmission, gearbox or any other associated equipment failure comes off your profit, your bottom-line.
Including Labcheck as part of your maintenance scheduling, allows you to plan for
timely repairs.
You save dollars, avoid costly repairs from random breakdowns and unscheduled downtime.
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