Oxidation can increase wear, retard performance and shorten equipment life.
Oxidation is the chemical degradation of the lubricant caused by a reaction with oxygen, primarily at high temperatures. While most lubricants contain special additives to inhibit oxidation, excessive oxidation can still occur under some operating conditions.
When it does occur, a wide variety of harmful by-products are produced, which increase component wear, retards performance and shortens equipment life.

Causes Effects
Overheating Increased wear
Over-extended oil drain intervals Decreased engine performance
Improper oil type / inhibitor Shortened equipment life
Combustion by products / blow / by Laquerd deposits
  Oil filter plugging
  Increased oil viscosity
  Corrosion of metal parts
  increased acidity in oil
  Restricted oil flow
Shorten oil drain intervals
Check operating temperature
Check fuel quality
Investigate use of synthetic lubricants

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