Total Acid Number
Can be used to determine the serviceability of the lubricant.
The acid number is the quantity of acid or acid-like components in a new or used lubricating oil.

A new oil may have some acidic constituent as part of its additive package designed to specifically enhance its performance. Increases in the acid number may be due to oxidation, nitration, or through contamination with some acidic type product. The acid number can be used to determine the serviceability of the lubricant in specific applications such as refrigeration and air compressor equipment.

Causes Effects
Overheating Corrosion of metalic components
Excessive blow-by Promotes oxidation
Over extened drain intervals Oil degradation
Improper oil type Causes additive depletion
Drain oil
Reduce oil drain interval or use synthetic lubricants
Verify correct oil type for service
Check operating temperatures
Check overheating

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