Unit Registration and Sample Information
The accurate labelling and registering of lubricant samples is essential in the process of providing ongoing feedback and trends.
  • Record information like equipment make and model being tested. Different makes and models use different wear tables for trend analysis.
  • Always list the Company name, Unit ID and the Compartment Type the same each time.
  • Be aware that if you list a unit ID differently each time eg Unit XYZ-207, Unit XYZ/207 and Unit XYZ 207 each change will create three separate files disconnecting history. Similarly, a unit tagged as a gear box will be different to a unit tagged as a transmission etc.
  • Keep the tear off slip and refer to the number on the tear off slip when looking for results.
  • If you have several machines call the Castrol Technical Helpdesk on 1300 557 998 to Pre-Register your equipment. Pre registering your equipment will help will maximise the benefits of you oil analysis samples.
The Sample Information Form
First time sample registration
Complete ALL the information fields on the SIF the first time you register a sample, see below:

For ongoing samples
Fill out the following fields;

  • Customer Name OR Number
  • Unit ID OR Unit Serial #
  • Compartment Type:
  • Lube age in kms or hrs:
  • Oil Added (L):
  • Date Sampled:
  • Recent Repairs / Descriptions e.g. rebuild, oil change etc.
  • Note if Lube details or top up fluid and amount have changed.

Sample Registration form
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